iOS 11 beta shows Control Center interface, new swipe gestures; tvOS 11 beta hints at 4K video

New betas have been released for iOS 11, tvOS 11 watchOS 4 and macOS 10, and developer Guilherme Rambo has discovered a couple of gems amid all the bug fixes and minor improvements. In ios 11, Rambo found one video that seems to show off a new swipe-up gesture used to activate the iOS app switcher and another that runs through changes to the lock screen interface. Swiping down brings the lock screen up from anywhere in the operating system, and while a left swipe still brings up the device’s widgets, a right swipe now seems to bring up the phone’s Control Center instead of activating the camera as it does in iOS 10. Swiping up from the bottom — which activated the Control Center in iOS 10 — now turns on the iOS app switcher, which previously was accessed by a home button double tap or by swiping right after pressing down on the left edge of the screen; the latter method has already been removed from iOS 11
The iPhone used in the demonstration video also bears mentioning, since it has the same wide bezels of an iPhone 7, but seems to lack the accompanying home button, making it impossible to identify at this point. It’s also worth noting that the changes demonstrated appear only in the embedded video — the gestures in iOS 11 beta 7 work the same as they did in prior betas on all current iPhone models. The tvOS beta also yielded some new tidbits, with Rambo digging up more references to the “J105” code name previously reported to be used for 4K support within the code. This isn’t the only clue that 4K is coming to the Apple TV, with some iTunes receipts in the UK and Canada showing movies listed as 4K and HDR, hinting at Apple adding those viewing options in the near future.

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