iOS 11 introduces way to prevent Touch ID from opening device with fingerprint

Those testing the iOS 11 public beta have discovered pressing an iPhone or iPad’s lock button five time or opening a Medical ID now disables Touch ID and forces a user to enter their passcode to unlock the device. A source told 9to5Mac that the behavior is intentional, claiming it’s aimed at protecting people who have fallen unconscious from having their fingerprint used to access their private information. However Apple ends up presenting the feature, it can also clearly be used to protect information from police if used before an arrest, as at least some judges have proved willing to compel suspects to allow their fingerprint to be used to discover data that could incriminate them.
While Apple hasn’t been publicly discussing the lockout function, the company has been touting added features coming to the iPad in iOS 11. A series of six videos covers everything from managing files with the new Dock and scanning documents to using brand new multi-touch gestures and marking up things in various apps with the Apple Pencil.

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