iOS 12 beta 5 points to HomePod phone call support, future dual-SIM iPhone

The fifth beta of iOS 12, released yesterday to developers, seems to confirm a report last month that the HomePod will be gaining support for placing phone calls, according to new screens discovered by 9to5Mac. Specifically, the “Personal Requests” setup screen for the HomePod now includes a fourth app icon and adds “Make phone calls” to the description of things that HomePod will b able to do, in addition to reading messages, adding reminders, and creating notes.

9to5Mac also discovered evidence of dual-SIM support coming to a future iPhone model, as also rumoured earlier this year, with internal components of iOS 12 referring to “second SIM status” and “second SIM tray status” and “dual SIM device,” all of which seem to be pretty clear indicators that iOS is getting ready to support two SIM cards, and as 9to5Mac notes, the reference to a “second SIM tray” suggests two actual physical SIM cards, rather than a regular SIM and an e-SIM that some have speculated would be used.

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