iOS 4.3 beta 2 points to 1MP rear cam for iPad 2

New code found within the second beta version of iOS 4.3 suggests the second-generation iPad will sport a one megapixel rear-facing camera. 9 to 5 Mac reports that code describing a “Back Facing 1MP Photo” sensor has been discovered inside a folder named “K94,” which the sources have identified as the codename for the iPad 2. The report claims that the front-facing camera will be of VGA quality, matching those found in other iOS-based, FaceTime-compatible devices; it also suggests that the iPad 2’s rear-facing camera might be the same 720p-capable component found in the fourth-generation iPod touch. While prior cases, as well as the mockup iPad 2 rear shell found at CES, suggested the device would have two cameras, prior speculation has suggested that the rear-facing camera would be closer to that of the iPhone 4 than the fourth-generation iPod touch.

  1. On the on hand I don’t walk around with a iPad and take high resolution pictures…lol that would be funny. But on the other, a high resolution camera towards the front-face (3-5MP) would be nice for video conferencing in high quality.

    And then I’m sure that many apps, like surveillance apps might want to take advantage of a higher resolution cam in frond and back. Food Inspectors could implement the iPad in their inspections and right away take a high resolution image of the situation, u know.

    So, 1MP is pretty cheap! at least 5 as the standard. I would accept 3MP but that’s the lowest I would go.

    Common apple… It’s a iPad… you want to lead, then lead!!

  2. Well, that sucks. Even my first digital camera from 1996 was 1.2mp.

    Even still, I don’t currently have one and I’m thinking of buying the next gen iPad. Not a deal killer, yet.

    Looks like I’ll still be using my iPhone for pics.

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