iPad Buyers’ Guide + iPod/iPhone Book 5 hits 1M downloads

Thanks to our readers, iLounge today is happy to announce that our iPad Buyers’ Guide + iPod/iPhone Book 5 has been downloaded over one million times. The publication combines a completely updated version of the iPod/iPhone Book—our make-the-most-of-iPods and iPhones tutorial edition—with two new features: a 40-page iPad guide and six new iDesign features spotlighting outstanding developers of Apple accessories and applications: Incase, Speck, SwitchEasy, Duck Duck Moose, PopCap Games, and Tapbots.

In addition, thanks to Apple’s just-released iTunes 9.2, iOS 4, and iBooks 1.1, users of iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads can add the book to their iBooks libraries for on-the-go reading without the need for extra, for-pay software. iLounge’s iPad Buyers’ Guide + iPod/iPhone Book 5 is a completely free download for iLounge readers, and is available from the above link in single- and twin-page formats. Single-page is recommended for iPhones and iPod touches; twin-page and single-page work equally well on iPads.

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