iPad mini: 4490mAh battery, priced 249-649 Euros?

A few more iPad mini rumors have surfaced prior to the device’s expected unveiling on Oct. 23. MacRumors has published two photos that claim to show the iPad mini’s battery — a 4490 mAh cell.

Not surprisingly, this would be lower than the battery capacity of the new, power-hungry iPad by roughly two-thirds, a difference attributable to the smaller screen size and related power optimizations in the 7.85” model.

iPad mini: 4490mAh battery, priced 249-649 Euros?

Another report, from Flo’s Weblog, via German site Mobile Geeks, claims to show internal screenshots of iPad mini models and pricing. The screenshots are believed to have come from German electronics retailer Media Markt, and purport to show both Wi-Fi and Cellular models of the iPad mini, listed from 249 to 649 Euros, though the Euro prices in Germany are generally close to their dollar equivalents.

Wi-Fi models are listed as 100 Euros lower than their Cellular counterparts, suggesting a smaller price gap than the current $130 difference between Wi-Fi and Cellular iPads.

While these prices would logically fit within Apple’s current iPod/iPhone/iPad matrix, the sheer number of models—8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, each in black and white, and separate versions for Wi-Fi and Cellular—would be a massive manufacturing challenge for a brand new product, and an even wider variety of options than for the full-sized iPad.