iPad mini, iPad (4th-Gen) sales begin; Nov. 2, mid-Nov. shipping

Apple has officially started pre-orders for the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad announced earlier this week, with prices starting at $329 and $499, respectively. Wi-Fi-only versions of both devices will be available starting on November 2, and cellular versions will begin to ship in “mid November,” according to the Apple Store.

It’s noteworthy that the Apple Store web site is offering the company’s older 5W USB Power Adapter as an optional additional $19 accessory for the iPad mini, rather than the newly-introduced 12W USB Power Adapter, which sells for the same price and apparently offers faster-speed recharging for some iPads. Apple’s web site notes only that the iPad mini includes a “USB Power Adapter,” but doesn’t specify which version comes in the box; an earlier report suggested that both new iPads would include the more powerful 12W Adapter. Charging times for the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad have oddly been left ambiguous by the company, which generally has offered estimates of time required for refueling—a practice that quietly changed when the third-generation iPad’s recharging time became considerably slower.

The company also began to sell Lightning to USB Camera Adapters and Lightning to SD Card Camera Readers, which were not previously available for sale following their announcement. It is currently offering iPad mini Smart Covers in a variety of colors, and continuing to sell Lightning to Digital AV and Lightning to VGA Adapters, which became available to order immediately after the announcement.

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