iPad promo video, product shots show functional Flash

New findings by 9to5Mac illustrate that both Apple’s promotional video for iPad and product shots on the company’s website show Adobe’s Flash plug-in functioning properly on the device, despite the fact that the plug-in was not functioning during Apple’s demonstration of the iPad earlier this week. As evidenced by our screenshot (below) of the New York Times article The 31 Places to Go in 2010, a large Flash-based slideshow dominates the top of the page, and is seen properly rendered on the above shot taken from Apple’s iPad Features page, as well as in Apple’s iPad promotional video. Flash content on the front page of the NYT is also shown as being properly rendered in the video and in other product shots used throughout Apple’s website, leaving the state of Flash on the iPad uncertain, as the plug-in was noticeably absent from the device during Wednesday’s Apple event, as seen in the below photo from Engadget. Adobe has publicly criticized Apple for the iPad’s lack of Flash support, claiming that the company was imposing “restrictions on their devices that limit both content publishers and consumers.” [via Mac Rumors]


iPad promo video, product shots show functional Flash
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