iPADD: Text Input-On-The-Go for iPod

Free iPADD for Apple iPod (docking connector iPods only). Want a quick and easy way to input basic text into an iPod? Look no further. iPADD is a set of 78 “blank” mp3’s (they’re each 4k in size). Each mp3 file is labeled with a unique character or word (“Palm-like” information, days of the week, months, spaces for contacts and an alpha-numeric set).
To use iPADD, simply create a new playlist in iTunes (called “iPADD” for example) and drag the downloaded iPADD folder to that playlist. The mp3 files will automatically be added to iTunes in the correct order.

When using iPADD on your handheld, navigate to your newly created iPADD playlist and hold the iPod’s “select” button for roughly two seconds (the selected name will flash three times). To view your note, navigate to your “On-The-Go” playlist, standard with all new iPods, and you’ll see your new note!

Important Notes: Remember, your On-The-Go playlist will be deleted when you attach your iPod to your computer, so make sure to check your created notes before you plug the iPod in.

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