iPhone 3.0 App Updates: MLB, Smule, ngmoco, more

The release of iPhone OS 3.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch has brought with it a slew of new application updates, developed to take advantage of the upgraded software. Instead of breaking all these updates out into separate stories, we’ve decided to list them in this single spot; we will update this story as more news of major application updates rolls in.

MLB.com At Bat 2009: Thanks to the enhanced video streaming support in iPhone OS 3.0, MLB.com’s At Bat 2009 application will begin offering up to two streaming, full-length live games per day, starting today. In addition, the company plans to will roll out the entire slate of out-of-market games currently offered through its premier live streaming video product, MLB.TV Premium, as part of MLB.com At Bat 2009. The application is available now for $10.

Smule Leaf Trombone World Stage: Smule has updated its virtual instrument app Leaf Trombone World Stage to take advantage of new iPhone OS 3.0 features. Users will now be able to play together in a new Duet Mode, which takes advantage of new Bluetooth-based peer-to-peer features, and will be able to receive push notifications regarding opportunities to judge friends, learn recent results of their own performances, and track individual achievements. Leaf Trombone World Stage sells for $1.
ngmoco Star Defense: ngmoco has updated its Star Defense game for iPhone OS 3.0, adding the ability for users to send direct challenges to friends via Push Notification, Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail. Also new in the update is support for the new Plus+ gaming community, and a new planet in Challenge Mode. During last week’s WWDC ‘09 Keynote Address, In-App Purchases were also shown for the title, however, these enhancements are not available in the latest update. Star Defense is available for $6. In addition, ngmoco has also updated Topple 2, adding the ability to play and control iPod music, complete with playlists, from within the game. Topple 2 sells for $3.

Evernote: Evernote has updated its application for the iPhone and iPod touch to take advantage of the 3.0 upgrade, with new features including full note list syncing for smoother browsing and quick filtering, the ability to delete or edit pending notes while they sync, the ability to group notes by date, notebook, or location, simplified snapshot and voice note creation, support for integration with other iPhone applications, and more. Evernote is available as a free download from the App Store.

Freeverse Flick Fishing: The latest update to Flick Fishing offers both peer-to-peer connectivity through a new challenge mode called Fish Jack, in which players attempt to catch fish up to a target weight without going over. Similar to Blackjack, the challenge mode features eight locations and both familiar and unseen fish. In addition, a new In-App Purchase—the Private Beach Pack—is available, which includes a new fishing location, three new fish, and one exclusive “named” fish. Flick Fishing is priced at $1 and is available now.

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