iPhone 3G launch poll ends, App Store poll begins

With over 3,300 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll—“How do you think Apple has handled the iPhone 3G’s debut?”—has ended. Readers were given several choices ranging between great or better than expected to bad or worse than expected.

Readers were very split on the product’s debut, with 29% positive, 15% neutral, and 48% negative. Only 6% of responding readers said that Apple did a “Great job” with the iPhone 3G’s launch, while 11% felt it went better than they expected, although with some issues. A combined 36% of readers felt the 3G launch went just as they expected, with 12% saying it was “good,” 15% saying it was handled “okay,” and 9% saying they expected it to be handled badly, and felt it was. 39% of readers — nearly 4 out of every 10 — were at least upset by what they felt was a worse than expected handling of the iPhone 3G launch. 25% were “upset” that the launch was handled worse than they expected, while another 14% felt it went a lot worse than they expected, and said they are losing their faith. Finally, 9% of readers said they had either not paid attention, or simply didn’t care. Thanks for your responses!

Our new poll focuses on the just-launched App Store for iPhone and iPod touch applications. Now that we’ve all had a few days to try it out, we want to know how you feel about it. Is there a wide enough variety of apps, and are they priced fairly? The new poll, “What do you think of the App Store so far?” lets you answer that question. As always, the iLounge Poll is on the left hand column of the main iLounge.com home page. Cast your vote today!

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