iPhone 3G poll ends with over 6000 responses, iPod touch poll begins

With over 6,000 responses, our most recent iLounge Poll—“Will you buy the iPhone 3G?”—has just ended. The results were surprisingly strong in favor of the “yes” vote, which was picked by over 64% of responding iLounge readers. Here’s how the numbers broke down:

Of the 64% of readers voting yes, roughly two thirds were people who did not currently own iPhones, while the remaining one third planned to upgrade from current iPhones to the new model. Of the 36% of readers voting no, a little under half were current iPhone owners, while a little over half did not currently own an iPhone.

Thank you for your votes! Our new poll, “What should Apple do with the iPod touch?” gives you a chance to vote for how Apple should improve the only touchscreen-based iPod model. What direction do you think Apple should take with a 2008 update? Vote now: the iLounge Poll is on the left-most column of the iLounge.com homepage.

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