iPhone 4, 8GB iPhone 3GS pre-orders open, minus white [updated]

iPhone 4, 8GB iPhone 3GS pre-orders open, minus white [updated] 1

Apple has officially opened pre-orders for the $199 16GB and $299 32GB versions of iPhone 4, formally announced last week at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA, as well as the new 8GB version of iPhone 3GS priced at $99. As of 4:00AM ET/1:00AM PT, customers may pre-order the new iPhone models for at-home delivery on June 24, 2010, or reserve the phone for in-store pick-up on that day at a local Apple retail store. Existing customers merely need to go through a quick process to determine upgrade eligibility for pricing, and may preserve their prior unlimited data plans or choose new $15/$25/$45 (tethering) options; new customers have to wait for the results of an online credit check, and may only choose between AT&T’s new, limited data plans. The early morning U.S. pre-order opening time appears to coincide with the start of the day in the United Kingdom, one of five initial countries where the new iPhones are becoming available.


Surprisingly, Apple’s web site does not offer pre-orders or reservations for the white iPhone 4 model, describing this color as “currently unavailable.” Late-breaking reports from third-party retailers suggested that merchants other than Apple would not have white iPhone 4 hardware available at launch; the fact that Apple itself is not yet offering the white version is unusual given its track record of immediately selling whatever colors it has pre-announced.

Update: Additional international pricing has been announced for U.K. and French iPhone 4 users: Apple is selling iPhone 4 units at unlocked prices of £499 (16GB) and £599 (32GB) in the United Kingdom, with French prices at €629 (16GB) and €739 (32GB). Quick checks of Apple’s foreign pages show additional restrictions on model availability outside of the United States, with German stores having no 32GB models at all, regardless of color, and only black 16GB units to pre-order.

  1. I can understand not having white available on June 24, but at least let us preorder it and then we get it when we get it.

  2. Aw bummer! I even went in to Radio Shack yesterday to see how much I could get for my white 16GB 3G. I got up early this morning planning to catch them when they opened to do the preorder, and as it is not yet 9AM here, they are closed, but I did call a TX store and the store worker confirmed that the white models are not available at this time (*tear*). I suppose this gives me more time to get a good case for it so that it’s protected from day 1. I’m definitely waiting for a 32GB white iPhone to be available (so much better than my old 16GB 3G, which was the biggest storage available at the time, and the white backing with black front (all white definitely makes more sense).

  3. I just ordered one, although I’m quite unhappy. I’m now stuck with a black model and I was so uninterested that I only ordered the 16Gb version instead of the 32. If Steve knew the white was not going to be available, then he should have made that announcement last week. Because my 2-year contract was not far enough in to allow me to pay the pre-order price/normal upgrade, I already sold my beautiful White 32Gb iPhone 3GS to help cover the cost of what should have been the White 32Gb iPhone 4; all I can expect now is the sour taste of using a phone that I don’t want day in/day out.

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