iPhone 4 arrives at Walmart, packaging photographed

iPhone 4 units have started arriving at retailers ahead of the device’s June 24 launch. One such unit was photographed by a Walmart worker, showing off the phone’s new packaging. Unlike each past iPhone, the iPhone 4’s box does not feature a life-sized, forward-facing representation of the phone enclosed. Instead, it shows off only the top portion of the phone, facing the right, with its power and volume buttons, ring/silent switch, headphone port, auxiliary microphone, forward facing camera, and a portion of the display visible, all set against a black background. The sides and the top of the box, meanwhile, appear to be similar to past releases. A picture of the new 8GB iPhone 3GS packaging has also appeared online; it is identical to the past packaging apart from depicting a default iOS 4 installation instead of iPhone OS 3.

  1. A photo of the packaging has been on the ‘Tech Specs’ page of Apple’s iPhone site since the day it was announced.

  2. I pre-ordered 2 for my family plan at Radio Shack and they just called me and stated that Apple sent out an email advising them that only 1 phone per account per shipment could be sold and activated on Thursday. So my wife will have to wait to get her phone until the next shipment is received by them and God only knows when that will be…

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