iPhone 4 catches fire in woman’s hand?

A new report suggests an iPhone 4 unit has overheated and caught fire while in use. Citing a video reenactment of the incident from Omar Huartas, BGR claims that Huartas’ iPhone 4 became extremely hot while his wife held the device. The battery reportedly swelled, dislodging the rear glass cover, and then caught fire. Huartas’ wife then dropped the phone onto a table, where it left burn marks; Huartas claims the device also burnt his hand and let off enough smoke to trigger his fire alarm. Huartas reportedly went to the Apple Store to get a replacement phone. Notably, the video reenactment contains distracting fire and smoke effects that detract somewhat from the plausibility of Huartas’ story, leaving the exact circumstances of the incident somewhat unclear, despite the fact that the still images appear to show a badly damaged battery.

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