iPhone 4 Dock, Bumpers First Look posted

iPhone 4 Dock, Bumpers First Look posted 1

iPhone 4 Dock, Bumpers First Look posted 2

iLounge has posted its First Looks at Apple’s two new accessories for the iPhone 4: the iPhone 4 Bumper “case” and the iPhone 4 Dock. Notably, the dock is smaller than you might expect, and is reportedly in short supply at Apple Stores, while the Bumper is simply a thin glossy plastic band that protects the iPhone 4’s sides and not much else. To learn more about either or both of these new official Apple accessories, visit the articles via the links above.

  1. I think the bumpers are probably worth $10 tops.

    As for the iPhone 4 dock, I am wondering why Apple didn’t include a universal dock adapter with the iPhone like it does for all its other iPod-docking products. Why do we have to buy them separately?

  2. The big question that the very short “reviews” on here didn’t answer is if the the phone fits in the dock with the bumper on.

  3. #3: As noted, they’re not reviews. They’re first looks, prior to hands-on testing. The answer to your question: not in the iPhone 4 Dock, but yes to the Universal Dock.

  4. @justin (Comment #1), I was reading the blogs last night regarding the signal controversy, and I began to test the “hand phenomenon” on my 3GS. Sure enough, I could place my iPhone on the bare floor of my living room and watch the signal meter creep up to five full bars. I would put it in my hand, maybe a few inches above the ground, and slowly two or three bars would disappear. So perhaps there is a certain degree of dubiousness to these reports of hand-killed signal strength for the iPhone 4.

    There are numerous early stories coming out that suggest the iPhone 4 is fragile because the glass breaks when the phone is dropped from a certain distance. My question is this: do other smartphones get run through these kinds of tests? I know the iPhone is wildly popular and anything Apple does generates a lot of attention, but I hope in the interest of objectivity, people are putting these other devices through the rigors and paces to determine the soundness of their build quality or their relative ability to deliver on certain promises.

  5. #4: Can’t say as to the 3G/3GS dock, but it’s worth noting that the iPhone 4 fits in the original iPhone dock. It’s not a perfectly snug fit, but it’s stable enough and it connects to the computer just fine.

    Doesn’t fit the iPad dock, though. That would have been handy.

  6. I bought the bumper after reading about the signal problems before leaving for the Apple Store at 5.30am this morning – it does stop the loss of reception issue (and is a stop over until a case I want comes into production).

    As for the dock, no, it doesn’t fit in with the bumper on, which is very annoying, I don’t like to continually remove things and weaken them, but what can you do? Not using the dock will eventually weaken the joint on the power cable (as I found out pre-dock with the 3GS), or removing the bumper could eventually slacken out the fit. Can’t win.

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