iPhone 4 order issues persist, Apple phone reps powerless

With more than eight elapsed hours since Apple began accepting iPhone 4 pre-orders, both the company and AT&T continue to experience serious server issues that are leaving a large number of angry customers unable to pre-order devices online. Additionally, call times on Apple’s telephone lines are so long that the company’s phone systems are in some cases turning away callers; one iLounge editor spent three hours on hold before being told that the phone-based customer service agents are using the same system as online customers, and thus have no way to resolve the problems. iLounge has been told that both companies are working to fix the issues, and the representative we spoke with was hopeful the issues would be resolved within a few hours. The problems, for which Apple and AT&T have not apologized, began with the unexpected last-minute unavailability of white iPhone 4 devices, an issue that now seems trivial in light of the massive system failures that have blocked orders of other models as well.

  1. After six hours was able to get a phone reserved at an Apple retail store. Until the vonfirmation email listed the price at $699!

  2. When making a reservation, use the option to add a new line. It does not go through AT&T’s site, which is the problem. Also, when reserving through AT&T’s site, you will have to pay the full balance upon checkout. Using the add a new line option simply reserves a phone on the 24th and you can then make changes to your account at that time.

  3. @jiji
    I just tried through the app and everything worked. Well I went up until the reserve now button (didn’t want to actually place another reservation because I saw someone rcvd a cancellation letter for reserving too many).

  4. @poopslap From what I can tell, “reserve now” is for a reservation at an Apple Retail Store, not for preorder.

  5. In-store reservations work fine, both in the app and on the site (at least last I checked). It *will* tell you that you’re going to owe full retail, because it doesn’t check your upgrade eligibility with AT&T. It doesn’t in fact do anything with your AT&T account. That part will happen in-store when you pick it up on the 24th. (In fact, in-store reservations probably work they don’t contact AT&T in the process; the problems seems to be with AT&T’s servers, at least mostly.)

    Preorder via ship to home, inevitably fails, both on the site and in the new Apple Store iPhone app (crashes everytime I’ve tried). Again, this seems to be totally to do with the process of contacting AT&T’s servers, so the blame most likely lands square on their shoulders.

  6. I managed after five hours to get one ordered through AT&T’s site and shipped to home for the upgrade price. Not confirmation email yet but I got a confirmation number at the end of my order. Here’s hoping AT&T doesn’t screw up my order.

  7. Worst pre-order process in the history of iPhone. I’ve visited my local Radio Shack three times now and still no luck. Perhaps I’ll just wait until the 24th and test my luck.

  8. Same experience as Haldemonster had. Went through the AT&T website and ship to home with upgrade price is in the system for my line. Again, no confirmation email, but I do have an order number, FWIW.

  9. You know what else sucks?? I have a family account with AT&T with 2 lines. I was lead to believe that I could upgrade at the best price available, but what AT&T failed to let me know is that only works for the primary phone. Have to pay $200 extra for the other line or wait until Feb 2011 🙁
    I’m sure I’m not the only one with a family account. I guess I can see their side if I REALLY try, but the disappointment still stings!

  10. Check your cart if you are going through Apple. My order stalled when it was checking eligibility and I checked the cart and the phone was in there, I was able to check out and have order confirmation.

  11. I ordered mine at my local AT&T store. Their systems were down as well but they were at least able to take my order with a pen and paper. Also they were already back ordered by the time I got there at 2pm and told me it could take up to a week after launch day to receive my phone.

    I am kind of glad however, that I would have to deal with the inevitable system failures that are sure to come on launch day. I don’t know how AT&T and Apple can possibly hope to keep things running then if they couldn’t even do it today.

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