iPhone 4S launches at 8:00 am Local Time

iPhone 4S launches at 8:00 am Local Time 1

iPhone 4S launches at 8:00 am Local Time 2

Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 4S today at 8:00 am Local Time, or less than 20 minutes from now for those of our readers on the East Coast. With a record-setting number of units being pre-ordered, it is unclear whether crowds at today’s brick-and-mortar launches will be as large as they have been for prior iPhone launches; however, as evidenced by the photos below, taken by iLounge editor Nick Guy at the Walden Galleria Apple Store, there are plenty of people waiting to get their units before the delivery trucks start arriving for pre-order customers. Interestingly, Apple appears to be reusing its old iPhone 4 window displays for the iPhone 4S, as the oversized units show the prior GSM antenna positions.

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  1. I waited a day though found it odd that people just had to be the first in line. Instead, I purchased one this morning at a nearby ATT outlet. No problem getting the phone that I wanted: iPhone 4S. As some who already had an account with my 3G I was able to grandfather my entire plan, including the $5 monthly sms fee, rather than what had been reported that people would have to purchase the $20 package. So, if nothing else, ATT either did a quick reversal on plans to increase costs or the article was not true. If in doubt, I would suggest that you purchase your phone via your phone carrier. ATT store employees are not aware of the various carriers plans. Free advice. Have a great day!

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