iPhone 4S receives higher satisfaction ratings than predecessor

According to the latest survey from ChangeWave, early customer satisfaction ratings for the iPhone 4S are even higher than those seen for its predecessor, the iPhone 4. 77 percent of iPhone 4S owners reported being “Very Satisfied” with the device, compared to 72 percent who said the same of the iPhone 4 in July 2010, while 19 percent of 4S owners say they are “Somewhat Satisfied”, compared to 21 percent of iPhone 4 owners. Overall, 96 percent of iPhone 4S owners reported being satisfied with the device, compared to 93 percent of iPhone 4 owners; only 2 percent of iPhone 4S owners said they were “Unsatisfied” with the handset. Siri ranked as the most popular feature of the phone, followed by the generic “ease of use” and the eight megapixel camera, while short battery life and the lack of 4G connectivity topped the dislike list. In addition, the overall dropped call rate reported by iPhone 4S owners—2.5 percent—was less than half of the rate reported by iPhone 4 owners—5.2 percent—in July 2010. ChangeWave’s survey was conducted among 215 iPhone 4S owners on November 2-9.

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