iPhone 5 cases: iSkin, Luardi, PureGear + more

Four new iSkin cases for iPhone 5 have been introduced, including the Aura ($40), a case with brushed aluminum panels and rubber side grips. The Aura also comes with a built-in, anti-glare camera ring. It is available now in six different color combinations.


Luardi has introduced its new cases for the iPhone 5, including its Decorative Cases ($30), snap-on shells in 32 different designs, all available as of Oct. 7. Urban Armor Gear has announced six new rugged cases for the iPhone 5 — each of the six color cases have different names, including the Aviator ($35). Available for pre-order, the cases ship Oct. 5. Also, PureGear has released new cases for the iPhone 5, including the DualTek Extreme Shock Case and Shield ($40), available in six different colors.

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