iPhone 5C phones, packaging, manuals leak

Following numerous leaks of rear shells and other small components, leaks of complete and boxed iPhone 5C units have hit the web. A photo of iPhone 5Cs in packaging comes from iapps.im, appearing to show a red iPhone 5C inside a plastic box. The packages appear to match those from an earlier leak.

A few other images were leaked and seen on Weibo, showing alleged iPhone 5C packaging materials. One picture shows what appears to be the manual for the 5C, while the next shows instructions for the SIM card ejection tool.



An alleged video of the red iPhone 5C was leaked, but pulled by YouTube; it showed the device being used to browse the Internet—including Apple’s web site. Additional alleged photos of the iPhone 5C — of a blue iPhone 5C, various colors in packaging, and a green iPhone 5C in packaging — can also be seen below. [via 9to5Mac]

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