iPhone 5S: 64-bit A7, motion tracking, graphite color?


Several late-breaking rumors suggest that the iPhone 5S may include a speed bump, gesture control capabilities, and a graphite/black color option similar to the first-generation iPhone. According to a tweet from Fox News’ Clayton Morris, the iPhone 5S new A7 chip is running “about 31% faster than A6,” providing the first apparent quantification for a June rumor that an A7 chip was inside iPhone 5S prototypes. Separately, 9to5Mac notes that some 5S prototypes have contained 64-bit versions of the A7, which would smooth graphics and animations. Morris has also heard “there’s a separate chip devoted to motion tracking,” tweeting, “Should be an interesting camera upgrade.” Some speculation suggests that the motion tracking could go beyond just automatic camera adjustments, and aid in controlling the iPhone without touching the screen.

iPhone 5S: 64-bit A7, motion tracking, graphite color?

Finally, a leak of iPhone 5S parts by Sonny Dickson suggests that Apple has been testing another color option: a graphite metal and black glass color combination. The parts clearly show a metal iPhone 5-style chassis that is slightly darker in color than the white and silver iPhone 5S, with black — not white — antenna interruption bars on the sides.

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