iPhone 5S box leak, new Home Button?

Alleged photos of the iPhone 5S box were recently posted on a Chinese site. Notably, the Home Button no longer appears to have the rounded square icon — a previously rumored change. Instead, there’s a gray ring around the Home Button, which has also been rumored.

iPhone 5S box leak, new Home Button?

Some have speculated that the gray rings in Apple’s official Sept. 10 event invitation allude to the gray iPhone 5S ring. If the photos are legitimate, the box would mark a return to 3GS-era packaging, as boxes for the iPhone 4, 5, and 5S all had an angled front view of the devices.

The low-quality photos make the leaks questionable, but certainly not inconceivable. [via C Tech]

Update: iPhoneinCanada posted much clearer versions of the same photos — we’ve replaced the lower quality photos with the better pictures, and added two additional pictures, which feature a better view of the iPhone 5S name on the side of the box.