iPhone 5S to enable 120 FPS slow-motion videos?

A developer claims that a previously-announced new iOS 7 feature — higher frame rate video recording — will actually be more powerful than expected. During WWDC, Apple announced that iOS 7 would add support for 60 frame per second video recording. According to Hamza Sood, hidden references inside the latest iOS 7 beta releases indicate support for up to 120 frame per second recording, which is four times as many frames per second as users are accustomed to seeing in TV shows. Rather than displaying videos at such a high frame rate, which would be higher than the brain can perceive, the 120 frame per second mode would enable the camera to effectively slow down recordings to 1/4 of their normal speed, enabling viewers to see otherwise imperceptible motions in butterfly wings, guitar string vibrations, and other rapidly changing situations. It’s speculated that support for this feature may require new camera hardware in a future iPhone, and/or lower than the full 1080p recording resolution used by current iPhones. [via 9to5Mac]

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