iPhone 8 rumored to come in four colors, may not ship with wireless charger

Tech blogger Benjamin Geskin claims the iPhone 8 will come in four colors, including a new mirror finish. Geskin posted images of a reflective case on a current iPhone to illustrate his point, but said an unnamed source hinted at a black or silver reflective backing joining some of Apple’s existing colors. If his information proves reliable, that would mean Apple is scaling back on its available colors since the iPhone 7 is available in five colors (or six if you count the special PRODUCT(RED) version that’s still available). The tweet didn’t provide any information about which colors would be cut from the existing slate.
John Gruber, another well-connected Apple blogger, backed up previous claims that customers purchasing the next round of iPhones will have to buy a wireless charging accessory separately to take advantage of that capability, with Apple not including it in the box with the device. Gruber added that wireless charging “might be late, waiting for iOS 11.1 (a la Portrait mode last year).” Gruber admitted that he’s “not sure if the holdup is hardware or software” and claimed Apple “could catch up in next three weeks” to deliver the wireless charging at launch. While a software problem could be patched with an iOS update after the devices ship, a hardware issue would clearly be a much bigger problem for Apple’s release schedule. The news led to more speculation that Apple could delay the release of the iPhone 8 until October and simply ship an iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus without the feature, but Gruber’s sources didn’t elaborate on Apple’s specific plans.


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