iPhone accessories gain app download prompt

Debuting with Griffin Technology’s new iTrip with App Support, it appears Apple is now allowing Made For iPod- and Works With iPhone-certified developers to include automatic application download prompts when connecting app-supported accessories. When connecting such an accessory to an iPhone or iPod touch for the first time, an alert box labeled “Application Not Installed” appears, informing users that the accessory requires an application which is not currently installed, and asking if they would like to install the application from the App Store. Upon acceptance, the iPhone or iPod touch then takes users to a new “For This Accessory” page on the App Store, with a direct link to the necessary app’s listing, from which they can download and install the application. While support for the feature was likely introduced alongside more robust accessory support in iPhone OS 3.0, this is the first time iLounge has seen the functionality included in a shipping accessory. More screenshots appear below.

iPhone accessories gain app download prompt 3

iPhone accessories gain app download prompt 4