iPhone Gems: Launch day App Store software worth seeing

A number of notable applications for the iPhone and iPod touch, some free, and some commercial, have debuted with this morning’s launch of the App Store. Listed below are a small selection of these titles.

Free Applications

Facebook has released its free Facebook application. It allows users to talk to friends using Facebook Chat, browse profiles and pictures, update their profiles, and allows for uploading of photos to Facebook from the phone.

Connected Flow has released Exposure, a new application for mobile browsing and use of popular photo sharing service Flickr. It allows users to browse photos, create favorites and comment on photos, and provides automatic searching of photos taken nearby through the use of location services. It is available in a free, ad-supported version, as well as in an ad-free, $9.99 commercial version called Exposure Premium.

MySpace.com has released MySpace Mobile, a free mobile client for the popular social networking site. It allows users to send and receive messages, browse their friends’ profiles and photos, post comments, update and share photos, and more.

AOL has released its previously announced AIM client and AOL Radio applications as free downloads.

Using the AIM application, one can send and receive messages over Wi-Fi, EDGE, or 3G networks to anyone on the AIM network, including AOL, AIM, ICQ, .mac, and MobileMe users, manage his/her Buddy List, take pictures with the iPhone’s camera to use as a buddy icon, and more. AOL Radio offers users access to over 200 stations covering more than 25 genres of music, as well as 150+ CBS Radio stations from across the U.S.
eBay has released its free eBay Mobile application, which allows users to search, bid, and check their auction activity directly from the iPhone or iPod touch. In addition, the company’s PayPal subsidiary released its free PayPal client application, which allows users to send money and check their account balance on-the-go.

Six Apart has released its TypePad application, which allows for mobile posting of writing and photos, as well as the ability to automatically update Twitter with alerts about new blog postings. It is a free download.

The Iconfactory has released its previously revealed Twitterriffic application, which allows users to read and publish messages, photos, and location updates to the social network Twitter. The application is available as in a free version, which includes periodic advertisements, or as a $9.99 paid app (Twitterriffic Premium) that contains no ads.

Google has released its free Google Mobile App, which lets users find web pages, business listings, phone contacts, and more, and also offers single-click access to mapped results.

NewsGator Technologies has released its NetNewsWire RSS reader application as a free download. It features the ability to sync with all of NewsGator’s free RSS reader applications on the web, Mac, and PC, and also allows users to save items for later reading using the Clippings feature.

Shazam Entertainment has released Shazam, a free application that identifies music playing around the user using audio from the iPhone’s built-in microphone. In addition to identifying music, the app allows for saving tagged songs, provides links to the iTunes Store for purchasing tagged songs and links to YouTube to watch related videos, and features the ability to add photos to tagged songs, and send tagged songs to friends via email.

Jott Networks has released Jott for iPhone, a free mobile notepad application. Jott allows the user to record and save audio as notes, which can be used organized into to-do lists.

Evernote has released its free Evernote client application. It allows the user to take notes, snap photos, create to-do lists, and record audio, all of which can be synced to an Evernote client online, and to client applications on both the Mac and PC.

Wanderspot has released its free Urbanspoon food-finding application. Using the iPhone’s Location Services, its finds nearby restaurants by neighborhood, price, or cuisine, including ratings and reviews, and allows the user to shake the iPhone to find a random eatery.

Yellowpages.com has released its free YPMobile, which offers users the ability to search for nearby businesses and events, save multiple locations, businesses, and events into “Plans” which can be saved and shared with friends, and more.

Commercial Applications

Previously highlighted during Apple’s WWDC keynote address in June, MLB.com’s MLB.com At Bat application delivers real-time scores and in-game video highlights directly to the iPhone or iPod touch.