iPhone logic board shot shows A5 processor?


An image claiming to show an iPhone logic board with an A5 processor onboard has been posted online. The image, posted to Chinese microblogging site Weibo and republished by Phone Arena, shows an A5 processor attached to a logic board that is similar in shape and layout to that of the iPhone 4 and to a leaked logic board component that appeared last month. The logic board itself is attached to a 4.2V, 1430mAh battery pack and a white front plate, both of which appear simliar to the respective components found in the iPhone 4. The logic board’s size lends credence to reports of an “iPhone 4S,” which would look similar to the current iPhone 4 but feature updated internal components; it would be unusual, but not impossible, for Apple to launch such a device alongside an even more substantially upgraded iPhone 5.


Charles Starrett

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