iPhone tops Time’s list of most influential gadgets

The iPhone topped inventions like the TV, VCR and personal computer to take the number one spot on Time’s most influential gadgets list. The writeup gives the device credit for putting “a truly powerful computer in the pockets of millions” and ushering in a new era of touchscreen phones. Later additions to the phone’s software and mobile store created the app industry as we know it, “forever changing how we communicate, play games, shop, work, and complete many everyday tasks.”
Apple’s original Macintosh took the number 3 spot for its pioneering graphical interface and easy-to-use mouse setting the standard for how people interact with computers. The iPod also cracked the top ten, coming in at number 9 for convincing music fans to finally ditch their CD collections for the digital music revolution. The iPad made the list at number 25 for its easy-to-use touchscreen interface taking the tablet mainstream, and the iBook clocked in at 38 for being the first laptop to offer wireless networking.