iPod accessory makers merge as mStation acquires mophie

Mophie, makers of iPod accessories such as the Bevy keychain case for iPod shuffle, has announced that mStation has acquired the mophie brand name and product line. According to mophie, mStation will continue to manufacture the mophie line of products under the mophie brand, and future mophie products will be designed with the input of the original mophie team. “mStation has the culture and experience to grow the mophie brand.

Consolidating the manufacturing and distribution of the two companies is a win-win,” says Ben Kaufman, founder of mophie. “The speed and responsive nature of mophie in this quickly changing market is what attracted us to the company. We are thrilled to bring the two brands together and put the mophie energy to work,” says Ross Howe, Director of Sales and Product Development for mStation.

With the mophie brand owned by mStation, Kaufman and the mophie team will focus full-time on the community-based Illuminator decision making process, which has produced several iPod accessory designs in the past. “Why limit this extraordinary process to iPod accessories when it can be adopted by any organization for virtually every decision making activity?” Kaufman said. “The Illuminator is everything that current social networks lack, harnessing all their pent-up power to actually get things done.”

The acquisition is not the first overlap for the two companies, as mStation’s Creative/Marketing Director, Wm.