iPod Art & Concepts galleries launched

We have added two new galleries in the all new iPod Photo Galleries. The following galleries are open to the public for sharing your picture(s).

iPod Art
Ever since we started the iPods Around the World photo gallery we’ve had many iLoungers submitting very creative or “artsy” images of their iPods – consisting of “Photoshopped” or photo manipulated images of the iPod.

iPod Art & Concepts galleries launched

Since we like to keep “real” location photos of the iPod in the World gallery, we have decided to launch a new gallery for art images.

iPod Concepts
We’ve also added new gallery for those creating conceptual artwork of future iPods and how they might look.

If you have any iPod art or concepts to share with our readers please take a few minutes and upload your picture(s) to the appropriate gallery. All picture(s) are moderated (viewed by an iLounge moderator before posting it “live”).

Thanks for participating!

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