iPod classic 160GB changes: new firmware, engraving

In our preliminary comparison of the new iPod classic 160GB to the older 120GB model, we have noticed several small, but notable, differences. While the latest firmware available for the 120GB model is 2.0.1, the new 160GB model ships with 2.0.2; it is unclear what changes might be present in the update, or whether it will be released for older models. Also new is the size of the storage capacity badge on the rear of the classic, which has been greatly reduced on the new 160GB model compared to prior generations. Finally, the text on the back of the player has been reduced from three to two lines, with Apple’s trademark and copyright notice cut from the print, and, curiously, the model number—A1238—is the same for both the new 160GB classic and last year’s 120GB model. For more on the differences between the two models, see our Flickr set of the 2009 iPod lineup.

Update: Apple has posted a new support document (Link currently down) stating that the new firmware “is not compatible with previous iPod classic models.”

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