iPod Halloween costumes

iPod Halloween costumes 1

iPod fan Jared Winick loves the portable music player so much that he created a fully functional iPod Halloween costume with working display and audio.

“I didn’t just want to be walking around in a box, so I made it a fully functional costume,” writes Winick. “I finally found a good use for a tablet PC, and used that for the display. A rewired USB mouse served as the ‘Forward,’ ‘Reverse,’ ‘Play/Pause’ buttons, and a bit of Java code played and displayed the MP3s. Some battery powered speakers provided the sound. It all worked out well, and I even won the costume contest.”

We’ve also come across a slightly better looking iPod costume (minus the audio capabilities) as well as a very original trio that dressed up as characters from Apple’s “Silhouette” iPod+iTunes TV and print ads.

  1. Nuke666: Try this link:

  2. This one is from last year, but I still think it’s the best looking iPod costume ever:


    There’s even a slot inside for a soda! (Check out the other pictures.)

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