iPod international sales, by the numbers

During today’s second-quarter 2007 financial results conference call, Apple COO Tim Cook provided updates on the iPod’s international performance, noting that the platform continued to dominate numerous overseas markets, beyond the United States’ over 70% market share.

“We’re doing very well outside the U.S.

We’re now over 60% in Australia and Canada,” said Cook, citing over 50% share in Japan and now Hong Kong, “in the 40-50 range in the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, and Denmark. We hit a high in Germany of 28% in the most recent numbers.

And so, pretty much everywhere you look on a year-over-year basis you would see really good progress.”

In response to an inquiry on Apple’s lagging overall performance in Japan, Cook noted that “it’s a very challenging market for us. In terms of iPod and the MP3 market, we’ve maintained an over 50% share for some time,” but said that “the MP3 market itself isn’t growing.” According to Cook, Japan “is literally the only market in the world that we’re not doing well in, and it is very frustrating.”