iLounge is proud to present the new iPod mini 6GB (“1500 songs”) box opening photo gallery, with shots depicting Apple’s new packaging and the very modest cosmetic changes to the rear of the new hardware. Though it may not be fully apparent in the photography, the iPod mini’s new silver packaging uses predominantly metallic ink to represent the color of the iPod inside; blue, green, and pink boxes are also prominently colored with their own identifying tones.

iPod mini 6GB Box Opening Photo Gallery

Amusingly, Apple’s external list of disclosures and disclaimers includes the following line regarding the color of the mini’s anodized aluminum casing: “Like a fine pair of jeans, iPod mini colors may vary and may change over time.” The line is apparently a reference to earlier reports of color variations in 4GB iPod minis, particularly in the “pink” units, and the casing’s potential for gradual lightening when exposed to bright light.

What’s changed on the new iPod minis’ backs? They now feature 4GB or 6GB markings, and additional electrical and interference certification seals that did not appear on iPod minis released early last year. Spacing of the Apple and iPod logos has shifted a tiny bit, and the “small print” text at the case’s bottom regrettably no longer uses easy-to-read bold text for the mini’s serial number. On the front Click Wheel, the icons are now indicated in the same colors as the mini’s casing.

Click “Read more” for preview shots, or view the iPod mini 6GB gallery.

Jeremy Horwitz

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