iPod mini comes with iPod mini software 1.0 (and other notes)

Dennis Lloyd
By Dennis Lloyd  - Senior Editor

The iPod mini does not use the same software as the iPod itself. iPod mini uses iPod mini Software 1.0. iPod Software 1.3 cannot be installed on iPod mini.

iPod software 2.0 CAN be installed on an iPod mini, but when you turn the iPod mini on, you will receive a screen with a folder and exclamation mark. This can be fixed by using the iPod mini Software 1.0 installer to reinstall the iPod mini Software.
Several other noteworthy items about the iPod mini include, “The transfer speed of the hard drive on iPod mini is slower than that of the iPod (with Dock Connect) model’s hard drive.” Apple says the following about this issue, “iPod mini uses a new, very small hard drive. This new hard drive does not have the same transfer rate as the hard drive used in other iPod models.

The slower speed is expected and normal.”

As some of you already know, the iPod mini does not support the Belkin card reader, Belkin Voice Recorder, or Belkin battery pack.

If you plug any of these devices into an iPod mini you will get the following message, “The currently attached accessory is not supported by this iPod.”

Apple informs service providers of the following solution, “iPod mini does not support a card reader or a microphone. If a customer wishes to have these features they need to purchase an iPod (with Dock Connector) model.

Dennis Lloyd
By Dennis Lloyd Senior Editor
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