iPod nano 4G, touch 2G dimensions revealed?

iPod nano 4G, touch 2G dimensions revealed? 1

Confirming details first reported by iLounge in July, apparent dimensional drawings for both the fourth-generation iPod nano and second-generation iPod touch have appeared, suggesting that the devices will have familiar measurements but with interesting new shapes and features.


Images of the supposed new iPod nano show a device that measures 90.75mm tall by 38.75mm wide by 6.08mm deep, compared to the second-generation nano’s measurements of 90mm by 40mm by 6.5mm. These numbers suggest that the device will be the thinnest and narrowest iPod nano yet released, though almost inperceptibly so, while also just a hint taller than the original and second-generation models. An oval-like body shape will be similar to, but apparently more pronounced than the one on the second-generation nano. Notably, the images seem to extinguish a concern that the device’s screen would be curved to match its shape; the metal body will give way to a plastic-covered screen that is as flat as prior-generation screens.



The second-generation iPod touch is depicted as having a shape similar to the iPhone 3G, masking increases in both the height and thickness by using a more tapered enclosure. This device is shown as measuring 111mm tall by 61.8mm wide and 8.4mm deep, versus the original iPod touch’s 110mm height, 61.8mm width, and 8mm depth, and the iPhone 3G’s 115.5mm, 62.1mm, and 12.3mm measurements. What appears to be an antenna enclosure is shown on its rear top left, with the same headphone port and Dock Connector port arrangement at its bottom. Notably, the drawings show what appear to be volume controls on the left side, addressing a key concern of iPod touch users; the added thickness might be attributable to changes in the battery.

As always, advance reports on Apple products may or may not prove entirely accurate, and should be treated as speculation until confirmed by the company. In any case, we’ll have more on the new iPod nano and iPod touch in the days to come.

  1. Gforce, I don’t understand why you’d want all this stuff available on public wifi networks, which is the only way you can do everything “on the move.” When I get my Touch, I’m going to be careful about where/on what network I even use my e-mail, let alone where I’ll use Skype…that’s asking to be monitored.

  2. You can’t imagine watching a video from a hard drive?

    Why not? Battery life on my 5G Video iPod is over 3 hours of video. I was getting about 60 minutes before I turned the brightness down.

    The hard drive is NOT the power problem; the backlight is. A more efficient LED backlight would obviously help out the people that can’t find the dimmer for their screen.

  3. i heard you cant use a ipod touch like a storage device, like you can with older gen ipods, without using 3rd party software or unlocking it?
    This to me is just plain stupid.
    If they are bringing out 64GB models i would love to use it as a portable harddrive so i can carry around my business files and work folders.
    Why should i have to carry around an ipod for music and videos, and a separate flash drive for my other files, when with 16/32/64GB of space is plenty for all my stuff?
    So thats what i hope they finally re-offer on the new gen touch.

  4. If you had a gig or two of ram for the video to be uploaded to it wouldn’t need to start and stop the hard drive as often, saving battery life. Since flash memory has been dropping like a stone it could be conceivable for apple to go “over the top” and add this feature to a small product.

    #47 your not comparing apples to apples. The battery life that “they promised” is based on 128 kbps.

    I agree with coment #50 that it would be nice to have your ipod
    as a portable hd and I remember past patents from mac rumors that apple held about a mac home system that gave you your own personalized desktop when you plugged your ipod into. But apple isn’t big on you caring around your own cables. Their products always have a very clean design. Besides I think that idea was dropped when they discontinued their mac mini with a serial/usb port on the top. (Yes some mac mini’s had it but it wasn’t build into the case it was only under the hood.) It would kinda be like the 1st gen ipod shuffle. Where you could set how much space was allotted to music and how much was to storage. But that option did disappear when they changed their stick of gum form factor to the clip. (no cables to carry)

    GPS. I don’t think so. If you want directions get an iphone. A simple gps unit by garmen alone is still selling at about a hundred dollars. (unless apples newly acquired division of making chips has one)

    My only true prediction is that the ipod classic might be disappearing. Why? If it doesn’t it would be the only apple product with a screen that isn’t in wide screen format.

  5. I doubt the Classic will be disappearing any time soon. However I do have a bold prediction that I think will eventually happen to the classic in the name of battery life. I think the Classic will become a hybrid flash and hard drive based player. If you put your most played and highest ranked music on the flash portion of the iPod and everything else on the hard drive portion, you would reduce your battery consumption quite a bit. If Kevin Roses predictions on iTunes 8 comes true, then a hybrid iPod would make total sense to take advantage of the new iTunes features.

  6. I’m hoping for Bluetooth for the touch. I think that being able to link with wireless headphones and even Bluetooth enabled head units in cars would be a very nice feature. 🙂

  7. The hard drive of my 4th gen iPod Photo (60 GB) recently started playing only the click of death…so I’m hoping for something flash-based in the 32 GB area for about $200. Otherwise, I’ll mod my old one with a CF card for about $100.

    Your call, Apple…will you get my money?

  8. I think it’s unlikely that the iPod Touch will have GPS, there are ways around needing it anyway, turning your mobile phone into a WiFi router for example. However, something I have not seen mentioned that would be vital for musicians, is a Microphone on the iPod Touch. I don’t want to make illegal VoIP calls on my iPod, I just want to be able to record simple vocal clips when I have a melody in my head, and furthermore, would LOVE to be able to play my guitar into it, and turn the iPod Touch into a Tuner. There are countless applications that allow this for the iPhone exclusively because it has a mic. Just give us a microphone already.

  9. Hey yall

    do you recognize that little circle with the orange line at the top left of the back of the Touch?
    thats where the WiFi receiver should be. but its different design.
    – it doesn’t look like a receiver for its hard to receive the signal thru the BACK of the touch, not front or head

    Would it be something else?

  10. i got an idea for all of you instead of wanting this and that be happy what you have and also just wait till the 9th it ain’t that much more.

  11. I have a 5th gen iPod (original iPod Video) and I won’t purchase an iPod Touch until I can get one with at least a 120 GB hard drive. I want to take my entire music and video collection with me, not some small fraction which will fit in flash memory!

  12. I have argued before on this and will again…the iPod Touch SHOULD have a camera this time around *looks at the orange oval in the top corner…it looks like a camera on that drawing*

    Why not? I consider myself an avid cell phone user, have taken countless pictures with my phone but have never once felt the need to send a picture in a text. But when on the beach, listening to music, one may want to snap a picture. Or perhaps downtown, see something one likes, just use the ipod you are currently listening to take the picture. Geo tag it, store it. send it later in an email or transfer to your computer….

    Im NOT saying it should be a camera…but do people send pictures from their digital cameras in emails? *The actual cameras not phones* no. they sync them to the computer then email them…why not with the iPod Touch?

    In my own opinion, i would like a camera, because i love the photo viewing option on the ipod touch, and think that the ability to take a picture, then look at it in my library would be very nice, i’d love and welcome that very much so.

    (I do not have AT&T;service so i therefore miss out on a lot of the aspects of iPhone anyways) so for those of us who are UNABLE to purchase a 3G, it might be nice to have a camera…

    as for a speaker, i highly doubt it. There is not a NEED for it, as with the camera. it depends on the owner of the ipod and what they want. I dont personally need one, but it would be nice to watch a youtube video with someone….not have to hand them the headphones. “everyone has to take turns listening” etc. so i dont mind at all…

    Perhaps the new size would lead towards memory and battery expansion *thankfully* i’d love that. (I am hoping for a 64 GB ipod touch) plus i like the thickness…the thin size of the current ipod touch, makes me nervous. I like the thickness or “substance” to my ipod…just something i prefer.

    In the end, my thouhgts on this image, are positive and i LOVE the look of the new ipod touch! 😀

  13. The reason I want a speaker has absolutely nothing to do with playing music (although I might use it for listening to talk podcasts, where a small speaker would be OK). The reason I want a speaker is so the iPod Touch can have real alarms, and loud ones if needed. I’m trying to use my iPod touch as a replacement for my Palm and one area it falls woefully short is alarms. The tiny little chirps just don’t cut it. Also I want a speaker for games. I wouldn’t use the speaker that way in public, obviously, rather at home and or in other situations where there was no one else to bother.

  14. To Smoothie, the ipod touch in the picture looks thicker, its dimensions too are thicker giving it a more “iphone 3G” reminiscent body. Tapered edges too it appears. If the new iPod Touch is as this chart says, it could resemble the IPhone 3G very much…


  15. I honestly dont think you would enjoy an ipod touch with a built in speaker more than likely it would sound like crap any way. stick with the head phones an camera would be awsome though and as much as i like the touch part i would still like to have a volume button even if its just a basic scroll wheel. only thing about that is that it would ruin the nice form factor and possibly get cought up in your pocket. who knows personally i own 2 of them 1st and 2nd gens so.. this new version should be awsome. either way unless it has like 60gb or more of storage i see no point in buying it unless it has a camera… or possibly gps

  16. I don’t thing think that the next ipod touch will have a GPS but one Q what is that oval shaped orange thing in the top left hand corner on the back. It looks to me that that Is a camera unless someone can tell me different.??>>Camera<<??

  17. Yeah, the orange oval does look like a camera…the size, location etc, just strikes me of a camera. I just hope this is not a cruel joke or fake…because it would be a serious letdown…

    GPS, for the most part cant happen on the ipod touch…can it? It would require wifi, like…from a cell phone tower, and not many people are going to pull over at a gas station, hook up to wifi from a router and look on GPS. it would be cool, but in the end, not very helpful.

  18. The one thing the iPod touch needs but is never mentioned is a vibrating battery. Here’s why:

    1. You can receive notifications (Email, Calendar, AIM, eBay, etc.) with a vibrate alert when you don’t want sounds to play in public, much like people treat their cell phone.

    2. You can have force feedback in games and other applications. If you’re playing an action game and your character is hit, you will receive a vibration feedback. I’ve seen that on the iPhone. It would be nice to have it on the iPod touch.

  19. That is a brilliant idea. i never thought of vibrations for the ipod touch, but that would work really well! what a good idea.

    Could we speculate that *IF* a 64 GB model is announced it would run for $499.00?

  20. Another thing, somewhat along the discussion line of external volume controls, the iPod touch should allow users to be able to change tracks without doing so from the screen. The solution to this would be to pack in the iPhone’s headphones with the iPod touch and allow users to change tracks from the headphone controls. In addition, as a bonus, the headphones’ microphone can be used for voice applications (VoIP, sound recording programs, etc.).

  21. Since when we need to have a network connection to have map data? TomTom hasn’t got any network connection to stream map data. Map data can be updated by connecting the TomTom to the computer, same could happen with the iPod Touch.

    Nobody thinking of Apple adding bluetooth to the Touch? Could be very well possible. Also, I am almost sure they are adding more harddisk memory and extra battery power.

    Can’t wait till the 9th of September!

  22. I think speakers on the ipod Touch would be nice, it would be neat to be able to show videos to your friends without trying to share the headphones.

  23. I agree with VIP about the headphones. its a quick and easy fix without messing up the “touch” feature on iPod touch. Physical buttons sort of defeat the novelty of a touch-based player, but still…it is inconvenient to change tracks with the screen. The headphones would work perfectly, i wonder if apple will use that.

    Colors, it never occurred to me that the new iPod touch might have colors! especially if it has been given the bigger body as shown in the sketch. What colors would it have? I’d stick with white and black, like the original ipod nano and ipod videos. The 2 colors complement people well, and then avoid the bright, or pale colors, that people are on the fence about.

    Also it would prevent scratching on the (Scratch-magnet) or back of the ipod. But then would lead to smudges…what to do

  24. I agree about the camera feature, that’d be a nice touch. I honestly just want an internal speaker to play music and app sounds on. All the phones out there today have cameras and internal speakers, so why not the iPod Touch? It’s definitely not anything revolutionary or breakthrough these days, so please apple, add those features for goodness sake!

  25. Just want to say how amazing it is how technology has changed. In the past people would have separate devices for video camera, camera, phone, PDA, GPS, etc. I think in the very near future all these will become one simple device that people will carry around.

  26. I expect this iTouch 2G to come fully loaded with GPS and a Camerra… but i dont know if we all can expect this from apple… come on!! there’s no copy/paste on the iPhone, do you expect to have iPhone features on this 2G iTouch??

    reggarding the gps functionality… it’s true that you need to load all the mapping data from the internet… but COME ON!! you’ve got at leaste 8gb… couldn’t you just SAVE all the MAPs data on your iTouch… and just represent your position via the GPS chip?? apple always does everything the hard way

  27. to Gareth Bourne

    my sony erricson w910i has a great lil speaker, it pumps out the tunes so loud you can hear it from 50m away.

    so HA

  28. The perfect iPod Touch.
    A) speakers
    for games, youtube, and music
    B) Camera
    Would be an awesome addition and make the ipod touch alot more fun
    C) Slimmer design
    Like 3G
    D) Other colors
    White, product red, blue, silver etc.

  29. In addition to the “perfect” iPod Touch

    E) Hard drive for moving files

    F) User replacable battery

    G) Prepaid broadband (Just like on a laptop)

    H) Better internal speaker

    I) Vibrations for games/alerts

    J) Limited external controls (Volume, Pause/Play)

    I know this is a long list and the majority of it wont come true but hey I can dream

  30. omg (lol srry for typing so often) would people stop calling it an itouch……. that is not what it is called… if apple meant for ppl to call it that that is what they would have called it, so STOP calling it that!!!!

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