iPod nano 5G color comparison photos, video posted

iPod nano 5G color comparison photos, video posted

iLounge has posted a host of color comparison photos showing the full range of fifth-generation iPod nanos compared to past Apple iterations of the same colors to our Flickr account. In addition to the comparison photos, we have also posted a video showing the initial bootup, menu system, video recording, pedometer, and integrated FM radio features of the new iPod nano. The entire video is embedded below, or you can watch it on YouTube via this direct link.

Update: We have now posted a video demonstration of the 16 different video modes offered on the iPod nano 5G and video comparisons of the iPod nano 5G versus a Flip Video camera—including an HD version; all of which are embedded below.
Menu walkthrough:

Video demonstration:


Video comparison, iPod nano 5G:


Video comparison, Flip Video:


Video comparison, Flip Video HD:


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