iPod nano 6G announced with Multi-Touch interface

Apple has announced its new sixth-generation iPod nano, dropping the device’s Click Wheel in favor of a Multi-Touch interface. As expected, the device features physical, iPhone 4-like volume buttons, a polished aluminum and glass enclosure, a clip on the back, headphone and dock connector ports on the bottom, and a sleep/wake button on the top opposite the volume controls. The new nano’s interface appears to be very similar to that of iOS, with four customizable option icons on each screen, and multiple screens available—however, it does not actually appear to be running iOS, at least as the name generally would indicate. Like the fifth-generation iPod nano, it includes a FM radio, Nike+ support, a built-in pedometer, and VoiceOver support, and will offer 24 hours of audio playback; gone are the video playback and camera capabilities of the prior model. The sixth-generation iPod nano will be available next week in seven colors, including a Product Red version, and will sell for $149 for an 8GB model and $179 for the 16GB version.

Spec fiends should note that the iPod nano now measures 1.48” by 1.61” by 0.35” including the rear clip, with a weight of 0.74 ounces. It does contain an accelerometer, and promises 24 hours of music playback—no video playback—off a full charge. The 240 pixel by 240 pixel screen has 220 pixels per inch, and includes accessibility modes for visually and sonically disabled users. However, the device lacks for the Home button of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that came before, requiring swiping or holding gestures to switch between sub-menus, which may confuse some users at first.

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