iPod nano 6G’s secret “iTerm” diagnostic mode revealed

The sixth-generation iPod nano contains a hidden “iTerm” Diagnostic Mode and separate Disk Mode similar to previous-generation iPod nano models, iLounge has discovered. Due to changes in its buttons relative to the prior Click Wheel iPod nanos, the new iPod nano’s hidden modes are activated with a slightly different button combination: first, the nano needs to be reset by holding down the sleep and volume down buttons until the Apple logo appears. Holding down both volume buttons during the reset enables Disk Mode, while holding down all three buttons will start up the iPod nano in Diagnostic Mode, briefly flashing the message “iTerm: iPod Display Console” on screen. The menu then identifies the new nano as “N20 Snowfox,” changed from the “N33 GreatDane” designation of the fifth-generation iPod nano. Older generation models did not appear to use these codenames, supplying only a version number.

Apple’s diagnostic menus are navigated and selected using the hardware buttons on the device and include substantially more options than previous-generation iPod nano devices, including options for testing power, audio, remote, TV out, LCD, USB, FM radio, accelerometer and touch screen functions. The sixth-generation iPod nano also includes a hibernation mode similar to that found on earlier iPod nano models, causing the device to go into a low-power mode after 14 hours of non-use. Disk Mode, which transforms the nano’s colorful screen into a black and white display like the ones on early iPod models, forces the nano to appear to a computer as if it was an external USB hard disk—a feature that’s only necessary if the device’s firmware has been corrupted and needs to be restored.

  1. sir i want to buy ipod menu 6G,but its not avilable in india .and i have no covence to buy it …please give me a sujection……….

  2. I’ve just bought an ipod nano g6.and I think I accidentally erased some necessary files while trying to add music. The unit won’t play songs from the library but will play from the radio. I was deleting songs from the music folder think I’ve deleted format files. Not sure what they are. Is this possible? and if so how can I fi

  3. just hold down the “-” button and the power button. when it says “ok to disconnect” hold down the powerbutton and the “-” button again.

  4. well, if it wyped u hav to plug your ipod into your pc/mac and in itunes in the devices section click your “ipod” and then below sync press restore that should do it

  5. Why would my nano automatically go to the diagnostic mode? I was running with it this morning and all of a sudden the music quit playing and this screen was displayed. Now I can’t get rid of it and the computer won’t recognize it. Please help.

  6. “i tried it and it works but the text is upside down mirrored, any ideas?”

    I’ ve got the same problem too! Please advise.

  7. Sir,
    I ran my nano throught the wash machine, but not the dryer. I placed it in rice for a couple days and now I get the N20 Snowflake display; however, holding down the buttons simultaneously does not release the screen. Likewise, I’m not able to navigate on that screen. The arrow is frozen on the word “standby”. Any thoughts, or is it toast?
    Thanks much

  8. Same problem as the previous posts; mirrored yellow text. Happened after I left the ipod in a bag where there was a leaking water bottle. Cannot navigate the screen or reset the ipod. Any suggestions?

  9. My friends, to solve the problem with mirrored screen, just reset the ipod to inicial settings in the Adjusts menu.

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