iPod nano, iPod touch updates shown as minor on


Apple’s official web pages for the new iPod nano and iPod touch models have been intermittently online since they were announced, and suggest that the updates are as minor as they were portrayed on stage. New iPod nano pages suggest no changes to the body, screen, or colors of the new model, which continues to have a clip on the back and did not regain video camera functionality as was suggested many months ago by a rear shell leak; the most significant changes appear to be the addition of built-in Nike+ support, “Fitness Walk + Run” support, the redesigned one-plus-quarter-quarter icon interface, and the lowered $129/$149 price points. Additionally, the iPod touch does not appear to have gained any new internal functionality beyond what was offered in iOS 5-related software updates; it continues to have an A4 processor with Bluetooth 2.1 capabilities, while the iPhone 4S has gained a dual-core A5 processor with Bluetooth 4.0.

Updated: Despite having pitched the iPod nano as “new” during its presentation and in an accompanying press release, Apple will apparently offer all of the new features as a free version 1.2 software update to the sixth-generation (2010) iPod nano, to be available through the iTunes Store.


Charles Starrett

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