iPod nano to get video playback, Apple working on vPod battery life?

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu believes that the next version of the iPod nano will gain more storage capacity and basic video playback features. “We continue to believe that the iPod nano is in need of a refresh with either an increase in storage capacities and/or price cuts to regenerate interest,” Wu said in a research note to clients. “Our most recent checks indicate that the current 2GB and 4GB models will see their storage doubled to 4GB and 8GB capacities. We are also picking up that basic video playback capability will likely be added to further differentiate against competitors. We anticipate these new nanos will become available in the September quarter and become top sellers, particularly if Apple keeps its price points low at $199 and $249.”
Wu also said that he believes Apple is working to improve battery life on its next-generation video iPod. “The current video iPod’s battery life is great with audio but when one watches video, it lasts only about 75-90 minutes,” Wu notes. “We are picking up that Apple is exploring different ways to improve battery life including: 1) better software that makes Broadcom’s AlphaMosaic multimedia co-processor operate more efficiently; 2) using a bigger battery; and 3) using both NAND flash and microdrives. Depending on how much progress is made, we are picking up that wireless Bluetooth headphones may or may not be included with this next-generation vPod. Despite the technical issues, we anticipate this product to ship in the December quarter and serve as Apple’s new high-end iPod and not replace the current fifth-generation video iPod, which in our checks, continues to sell well.”

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