iPod Shortage?

In the October issue of MacWorld UK the upcoming Apple Expo Paris 2003 is expected to reveal the introduction of aluminium 15” PowerBooks. Shortages of Apple products is also mentioned which includes the iPod.
Jonny Evans and Karen Haslam report –

“Apple’s iPod MP3 player remains a chart hit, with the Apple Store warning of a two-to-three week wait for all models and UK resellers complaining that they cannot keep up with the orders they have made.

Justin Huckfield, director of Nexus Graphic Systems, said: “I just can’t get them from Apple.”

His concerns were echoed by others, with some resellers indicating up to an eight week wait before they are able to fulfill orders.

One reseller even claimed he is buying iPods from the John lewis online store in order to meet customer demand.

Many feel that Apple is prioritising it’s own online store, at their expense. One reseller who wished to remain unnamed, suggested Apple “must treat resellers with more respect if it wants to increase market share”.

The device has attracted more column inches of media coverage than even Apple’s original Bondi Blue iMac, according to sources at media-monitoring agencies. Celebrity iPod owners include David and Victoria Beckham, and Robbie Williams.

Globally, demand exceeds supply – Apple shifted its millionth iPod in its third quarter.