iPod shuffle poll ends, Videos on your iPod poll opens

Interrupted during our transition to the updated iLounge web site, the last iLounge Poll, “How will Apple’s new $49/$69 iPod shuffles affect you?” has just ended. Though a 47% response rate to the option “I don’t care; I wouldn’t buy one” would suggest a general lack of interest in this iPod model, that number left 53% of responding readers as either shuffle owners or interested in some way in the shuffle lineup.

Fifteen percent said that they were more likely to buy a shuffle as a gift, 12% were more likely to buy one for themselves, and 9% more likely to do both. The remaining 16% already had shuffles, and indicated that they didn’t care about the lower prices for any reason.

Thanks for your responses!

With discussions about video iPods reaching historic heights in recent weeks, we’ve just opened our new poll, “What type of videos are you watching on your iPod or iPhone?” We’re not looking for genre responses—we want to know how you’re getting videos onto your iPod. Are you a buyer, free downloader, DVD ripper, or combination? Cast your vote from the main iLounge.com homepage by looking for the iLounge Poll header in the left hand column, and click on the arrows to open the poll.