iPod tops holiday shopping searches

Apple’s iPod appears to be the hottest holiday gift this year as widely expected. According to new research from comScore, the iPod was the most searched for product in November, beating the highly anticipated Xbox 360 and other popular items. The research firm said that consumers made more than 6.6 million iPod-related searches last month. Following the iPod was the Xbox 360 (5.0 million searches), Harry Potter items (4.8 million searches), Star Wars (2.5 million searches), Barbie-related items (2.1 million searches), and PlayStation (1.9 million searches).

“While high consumer interest was expected this holiday season for items such as the Apple iPod, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation, the intense amount of search activity observed to-date demonstrates how popular these items are with consumers,” said Gian Fulgoni, comScore chairman. “It’s also clear that search has become a mainstream way for consumers to research products, irrespective of whether their ultimate purchase will occur online or at a retail store.”

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