iPod touch 1G, 2G users: 3.0 Wi-Fi drops, failures

iPod touch 1G, 2G users: 3.0 Wi-Fi drops, failures 1

A number of both first- and second-generation iPod touch users are reporting Wi-Fi irregularities after installing iPhone OS 3.0. No less than four separate threads on Apple’s Discussion boards mention Wi-Fi problems, the most common of which seems to be the iPod touch failing to reconnect to the most recent network after going to sleep, forcing the user to manually reconnect each time. Some users have reported that resetting the network settings fixes the problem; others report that this fails to solve the issue. One iLounge editor has experienced problems on first- and second-generation iPod touches, with a reset of network settings working on the iPod touch 2G, and the same thing on the iPod touch 1G resulting in the device failing to sense its own Wi-Fi chip, displaying a “No Wi-Fi” message afterwards. Other users have reported more mild problems, such as reduced Wi-Fi signal, or difficulty in getting their devices to reconnect following installation.

iPod touch 1G, 2G users: 3.0 Wi-Fi drops, failures 2
  1. After installing 3.0 on my ipod touch 2nd gen. my wifi signal has dropped dramatically. I always have to reconnect and it drops out all the time. Before I always had full signal strength at my house. I hope they fix this issue soon, something is definately wrong.

  2. I have a 2G ipod Touch and like the others wifi with 2.21 was great and 3.0 reduced reception and speed considerably. Places I went to before had no problem and now barely or none. Frustrating.

  3. I have tried to troubleshoot these problem numerous times and have a long list of the issues. The WiFI protocol stack on my Touch 2nd Gen has been the WORST and BUGGIEST product I’ve ever dealt with (with 2.2.1 and 3.0), and should be a shame to Apple. I have access to my access point and firewall’s debug logs, and the ipod is flat failing in numerous areas–too numerous to list here. They need to actually test this thing on more than one internet router before releasing it!

  4. my wifi has dropped even when im a foot away from mi wifi antena. bluetooth doesnt work either. when will apple fix this problem.

  5. the wifi signal is just as strong after i updated it to 3.0, but it wont connect to any websites, it will load for like 2 minutes, then say server has stopped responding, and nothing works

  6. I want to thank iLounge for allowing these ipod wifi posts and it’s obvious that there is a legitimate problem. I hope iLounge has the ability to forward these posts to Apple. Thanks again.

  7. WiFi was working just fine in home with 2.0 on my 2nd Gen iTouch. Just upgraded to 3.0 and WiFi drops out. Having difficulty maintaining a good connection, even a couple feet from my router.

  8. 2nd gen touch. Wifi used to be 2.8 mbs Great. After upgrading to 3.0, 215 kbs. =o I want 2.2.1 back until it’s fixed.

  9. Same problem with connecting to wifi network. And just as worryingly, connecting to the stereo in my car now results in my iPod Touch (1st Gen) going into a kind of loop, the screen flashing on and off repeatedly until I disconnect and reboot. If Apple has put out a fault OS, which it seems to have done, they should sort it out immediately. As it stands, and given the lousy new features, at least for us iPod Touch users, I wish I’d stay with the previous OS. I’ll certainly Think (twice about) Apple again.

  10. I started having problems last week and reported that the ‘reset’ worked. Well – It only worked for that day. Now I can’t connect again and apps, including mail just keep on spinning eventually timing out. There is definately something very wrong with this 3.0 ‘upgrade’. Don’t do it!

  11. This is absolutely ridiculous. My brand new ipod touch 2G’s WiFi connection was amazing with the 2.2 software compared to it with the 3.0. I believe that apple just went ahead and put this software out as a way to capitalize on some easy cash. First of all this new software hasn’t been fully polished out yet and I don’t care how many more beta testing they had to go through to get this software running smoothly but she should have got it done. Secondly the upgrade shouldn’t have needed to be paid for. The 3.0 software just didn’t increase the capabilities of the ipod that much. Oh wow you can buy movies on it now and you can turn it on it’s side for some typing…whoopty do! Very disappointed with the update and really hope they update the 3.0 software soon already and fix some of these kinks everyone is having.

  12. I have the same problem with the new 3.0 firmware. wireless connection has gone bad.
    I can not connect to the places that i used to connect using the previous firmware. I contacted Apple they told me to bring it back.i went to the apple store they gave me a new ipod touch. i am going to try to update to firmware 3.0 and see if it works.

  13. After replacing my previous ipod touch with a new one still there is no fix for the wireless issues.
    an apple tech support told the problem might be related to my computer so i am going to update my ipod touch using a mac computer located at the apple store.

  14. since we had to pay for os 3 isn’t it under a warrenty i phoned apple to complain and suggest you all do the same

  15. 2.2.1 used to work very fine.

    Actually i can’t access wifi at university, and the vpn client doesn’t work at all.

    Wifi signal strenght is far lower than before…

    I think i’ll downgrade to 2.2.1 and wait for bug fix!

  16. 3.0 on my 2G iPod Touch has been VERY disappointing. Wifi strength is WAY down. I used to be able to stream from AOL Radio, Pandora, and iHeartRadio from anywhere in my house, including my backyard. Now, Wifi doesn’t have nearly the range and disconnects frequently. Can only listen to one song on Pandora, then I need to turn on the Touch again for it to re-establish the connection.

    NOT HAPPY! Can I go back to the previous OS?

  17. Just got off the Phone with Apple and they said that they haven’t heard enough complaints about this issue to do anything. So, place that service call in order to get a resolution.

  18. Also have wifi issues with iPhone OS 3.0 on my 2G iPod touch. There are very often less bars for the same wifi connection that showed max on the 2.2.1 software, and the bad thing is that very often I receive error messages from programs telling me I am not connected to the internet. It will connect soon after these error messages, but the signal will fade again after. Very poor speeds as well when these issues occur. They don’t seem to happen on a regular basis though, but for sure they are new after the OS 3.0 upgrade. SHAME ON YOU APPLE FOR CHARGING $9.95 FOR THIS BUGGY SOFTWARE.

  19. I am having the same problems after upgrading to 3.0 on my iPod touch 2G. I cannot connect at all on my home wifi, even though it shows full signal strength. My laptop has no problems connecting. However, the iPod connects just fine at other hotspots — my parent’s house, my office and the public library.

    My guess is the problem has to do with certain routers (I have an old D-Link). This is bullshit. I am not buying a new router just to use wifi on my iPod. Apple owes refunds to everyone who shelled out $10 for defective software.

  20. BTW, I have called Tech Support and filed a case and a claim… They told me they “haven’t heard of this problem”….. Yeah right!! I have an appointment this Friday @ the “GENIUS BAR”!!


  21. This is to all those who have wifi problems,..

    Do you have wifi problems even when BLUETOOTH is turned OFF. I believe that there might be interference when both bluetooth and wifi are on. I might be wrong.

    Got a new 2G iPod Touch and I think i will wait before I update it

  22. It has something to do with the settings or speed of the router (modem) as my ipod touch works great with 3.0 on my work, but at home it sucks.
    I hope that someone will find the answer.

  23. Lots of wifi problems with my iphone after the updating
    from 2.21 to 3.0.Many dead spots now.My ipod touch with 2.21 has full bars in the same location my iphone cannot even connect! It had full bars when I had 2.21 installed.

    This must be fixed or I will be asking for a new phone.
    I think 3.0 has corrupted the hardware of some iphones,ipod touch devices

  24. DONT UPGRADE TO 3.0 PLEASE! I have an itocuh 2g adn ive recently upgraded to a jailbroken 3.0 firmware and it is the biggest piece of shit firmware i have ever seen. i dotn think apple even tested it. First off wi-fi drops every 30 mins, its unusable second off it literally crashes every 10 minutes, i try to open cydia and itll crash brack to the home screen stay there for like 5 minutes than start in safe mode… please dont get its a really bad firmware

  25. Since upgrading my 2nd gen Touch my wifi has gone way down – even NEXT TO THE ROUTER. It previously had full signal throughout our home. In addition, a weak Linksys that I accessed at work now doesn’t even show up.

    WifiTrak (a fantastic app)immediately goes light gray when selected and has this error message, “Could not properly initialize the WiFi scanner.” – what is this?!? WiFiTrak was always way more reliable than the settings WiFi feature and was highly sensitive and could sniff out wireless even where it “wasn’t available” according to the settings based WiFi.

    I’m concerned, though, about downgrading… will I lose the $10 OS Upgrade that I already installed? I’m guessing it can be re-downloaded but if anyone can confirm i’d appreciate it.

  26. Follow up — WifiTrak is a victim of 3.0… their support site said they submitted a 3.0 version, but it’s still in approval process. They noted that many app developers are stuck waiting for 3.0 approvals.

    What I don’t understand is how upgrading to 3.0 kills apps that worked fine in 2.2…? Oh well, i’ve had 4 apps so far with the issue and 2 or 3 have already been updated.

    Tried WiFi at a local deli today and only got tiny bit of signal where i’d normally get full strength with 2.2.

    Is there any possible way to DOWNGRADE a purchased 3.0 to the previous version? No info offered on Apple’s support for that (“it isn’t supported”).

  27. Itouch 2G Can connect to my home network but the BT 2 wire router at work doesnt wanna know. Have ensured the settings are correct and that there are no restrictions. The router tells me its connected but the ipod refuses to connect to anything. In wifi settings the router is ticked as connected but nothing still works. Grrr wish i never updated.


  29. For those who whatn to downgrade:
    1. You need itunes 8.1
    2. you need the 2.2.1 firmware
    3. open itunes
    4 connect ipod
    5 power off ipod
    6 press power button for 2 secs, continue to hold and press the home button. Hold both buttons for 15 secs then release power button. after 10 secs release home button. This places the ipod in DFU recovery mode.
    7 Press shift and click restore at the same time.
    choose the 2.2.1 firmware and let itunes do its thing.
    presto: you are now downgraded to 2.2.1

  30. Ok I found a fix for home Internet. Go j to your wirless router settings and go to mac address and put in your iPods mac address which is for example something like 00:23:32:C9:F9 but that’s mine. If you makE this your reservation list it will work. I’ve had it working with strong signal all the way thru my house. I’m not sure about wifi outside of your house but Ive got it working for my router. The way they show up there with resetting your settings it only works fo a few boots and then it will go back to the pain in the ass. There is no quick fix for this unless you’re in your home. It should work though if the router has no password but if it does it might have problems

  31. Even after I used a computer from apple to update my iPod touch the wireless problem did not go away. I have decided to downgrade to 2.2.1.

  32. Mine worked fine until I installed a new router yesterday. It seemed to be ok, but when I went out with it and came back, it couldn’t pull an IP, even though it was connecting to the network.

    For the moment, I have it running with a static IP, but I don’t forsee that as a permanent solution.

  33. Also I downgrade to OS 2.2.1, I used the Itunes option to report a problem in your purchase and ask for my money back (in Spain we don’t have other options).

    I think all dissapointed people need to ask for the refund, surely it will motivate someone in Apple to do something. I got the reply from Itunes and I will receive the refund in two days.

  34. I had exactly the same problems after upgrading my ITouch to 3.0 software. Spent a few hours looking for the answer on the web. Tried everything possible in resetting, etc… I installed the SpeedTest app (free) and measured my download speed.. It was often about 30 Kbps which is very slow. Upload speed was about 375 KBps which is respectable. However the slow download speed was only a fraction of what I used to get and the unit no longer automatically connected to my network. Finally I upgraded my access point to a much newer unit and the problem was gone. Unit now connects consistently and downloads at about 2400 KBps! The old access point was still working fine with all other items in my place including a Wii, Roku Netflix box, and 2 computers. Obviously the WiFi in the ITouch has lost compatibility with some older access points and routers.

  35. this is actually a very simple fix. the wifi is not “broken”, apple simply changed the way the wifi works. everyone with 3.0 wifi problems, try changing your routers broadcast settings to only wireless g, wireless b, or wireless n, instead of mixed mode. i tried this and immediately my full wifi bars are restored just like in the 2.2.1 firmware version. hope this helps 🙂

  36. “How do I find itunes 8.1 and 2.2.1 firmwere? I need to get rid of this 3.0 version”

    You dont need itunes 8.1, it’s ok with 8.2 I downgraded with no trouble. For de 2.2.1 i found it with google.

    Good luck

  37. Hi,

    I too HAD (yes HAD) exactly the same issues.

    I finally bit the bullet and called Apple. After spending 52 minutes on the phone to “Victoria” in Apple Support about my iPOD Touch 8gb not connecting to the internet, I thought I would advise you what resolved the issue.

    I have a LinkSys WRT54G router. Per Apple’s instructions, I upgraded the Firmware (I was running V1.01.0 – the original 2.5 year old version). Upgrading made my Touch “spring” into life. EVERYTHING NOW WORKS!!!!! No messing with DNS settings and using Open DNS as some have posted as a solution. No reset or factory resets. Just upgrade your firmware!! Let’s face it…the majority of us never do this if the computers work fine.

    Reading all the bulletin boards and blogs, there seems to be an awful lot of people with the same issue. Those issues include:

    • Safari – Cannot connect – Not connected to the internet
    • Server not connected
    • Server timed out
    • Etc

    This is the same flavor for You Tube, Stocks, Weather and Maps (anything online). You just can’t connect.

    Your Macs and PC’s will all be fine, and even Apple Airport and the Remote App WILL still work, which makes you think you “are” actually connected to the internet. Other symptoms include low signal or inability to “connect” (intermittent) to the internet (I stood by my router to get a strong connection).

    A give away for these issues is the ip address (when available) starting with 169.xxx.xxx.xxx or 168.xxx.xxx.xxx. Obviously, it should start 192.xxx.xxx.xxx if it is actually connected to YOUR own network.

    So – make sure your router firmware is updated. If you are not sure how to do this, check the website for the manufacturer of your router.

    Hopefully this will help avoid the frustrations I have had over the past few days. If it does not work, then perhaps some of the “other” solutions will work for you, but as ever with technology…make sure you have the “latest” version of “everything”…and don’t forgot the router!!



    ps – why the 168.xxx.xxx.xxx or 169 blah blah IP address? If the iPOD Touch cannot connect via your router, it goes directly to your ISP (as if it were a seperate network). This allows “certain” wireless priviledges, but INTERNAL only. No external websites are allowed, as it is not authenticated correctly.

  38. I have the same issue with my 1G ipod touch. but I also am having the extremely annoying problem of a delay between switching songs.

  39. I am having the same problem.
    Worked with the Apple rep on the phone, and did a factory reset, no fix.
    Went to the apple store “it works here, can’t do anything about it”.

    To the people that say upgrade, or change your home router to fix the problem. Sure that may work, but what about all the hot spots that are out there?

    Apple broke something, seems to work on Apple routers, possibly some updated routers, but the rest of the routers out there. . .

    Worked on the previous firmware, doesn’t work now. It may work for very specific routers, but not for using it in the real world.

    So how do I make it work with all routers like it use to? The guy on the phone mentioned they had seen this a bunch. The person in the store (Roseville, MN) hadn’t heard of the problem. But yet, put a laptop right next to the ipod touch to get it to work.

    1) Resetting network settings didn’t work.
    2) Factory reset didn’t work.
    3) Standing 1 foot from hub didn’t work.
    4) Working with Apple rep over the phone didn’t work.
    5) Connecting to the “temp” wireless point (Apple laptop) in the store worked, while connecting to the store’s normal WiFi didn’t, but that wasn’t the one the store rep wanted to use to prove it just worked. Connecting to the rest of the open points in the Mall didn’t work, but the store rep said they can’t speak to those access points. Nor the default store WiFi, only the special one we tested on.

    All in all, my iPod works as design in the Apple store on the one connection they will test with. The rest, well, sorry no problem as they see it.

  40. Ok, guys. I might have a fix here. It worked for me, and now my iPod touch 2nd Gen’s Wi-Fi is all fine and dandy running 3.0.

    What did I do? I turned off Push Notifications.

    Just went to settings, and directly under Wi-Fi, switched ’em off.

    I had a few hiccups with Wi-Fi the next day, although that might be unrelated because it had to do with my router, which I reset. Now everything works fine.

    So, for me, not being able to get push notifications is a small price to pay for working Wi-Fi. YouTube works, Apple’s Remote app works, it all functions just like it did with the previous software version.

    I haven’t tried turning on Push Notifications again to see if it would work, but you can give it a try if this solves your problem.

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