iPod touch 4G, new nano/shuffle cases debut?

An image showing what Chinese case vendor X-Doria claims to be fourth-generation iPod touch and sixth-generation iPod nano cases has appeared online. The image shows two iPod touch 4G cases with openings in the rear clear plastic for a camera and either a flash or microphone. Notably, the shape of the cases suggests the touch will retain its curved rear shell design instead of moving to a flat back panel as seen on the iPhone 4. The two supposed iPod nano 6G cases, on the other hand, appear to be made for a squarish device based on the 1.7-inch Apple-branded touchscreen seen in photos earlier this year, without any room for a front-mounted Home button. The nano 6G case features an open strip on the rear—perhaps for a camera or built-in clip—as well as what appear to be volume buttons and a larger button on the top side while a Dock Connector and headphone port are along the bottom. Text accompanying the image notes that it is unclear what a move to this small a form factor might mean for the future of the iPod shuffle, though the “nano 6G” device is more like a screened iPod shuffle than the nano, Dock Connector aside.

Updated: Additional details on the iPod touch 4G back shell are here.

  1. Oops. Looks like X-Doria won’t be working with Apple ever again. Some poor X-Doria employee is getting their walking papers!

  2. Thank goodness they kept the touches curved back – any owners of the first gen touch will know how AWKWARD it was to hold. Mine died earlier this month so I’m soooo excited about this! This is good, this is smart Apple!

  3. It’s far more likely that the new iPod Touch will have the same form factor as the iPad, just thinner, rather than the flat-faced iPhone.

  4. Unfortunately, it looks like the same size. Which means no larger,
    longer-lasting battery. I would love to see a much better battery and
    same cameras as the iPhone 4 in this latest Touch refresh.

  5. New rumor: the Nano 6g will have a 1.7-inch touch screen at the bottom and a traditional screen above it. The touch screen will be for click wheel control, but videos will play across both screens. Giving true 16:9 playback.

  6. @Art how do you know the battery isn’t larger. In the iPhone 4, they made all the components smaller to make the battery larger. The internals of the iPod touch have always been largely the same as the iPhones…

    It appears that the camera hole is where the current antenna spot is. I highly doubt that they moved the spot to the other side (right side if looking at the back of the device). Possible iPhone 4 antenna design though not quite sure how it would fit in seeing that the form factor isn’t iPhone 4 shaped as Steve points out

  7. i for one hope it has the flat back like the first generation ipod touch or the new iphone 4. and please no more faux chrome back and faceplate!- that stuff scratches like crazy.

    i’ll be happy if it’s brush aluminum style backed like the ipad but i have a slight preference for them to copy the design elements of the iphone 4. just please no plastic or faux chrome!

  8. New rumor? According to whom? If that’s an actual rumor (rather than just speculation), it’s simply retarded! That makes no sense whatsoever. That sounds like some of the rumors that appeared before the announcement of the first iPhone. People were saying there would be a touchscreen clickwheel – failing to realize that if you have a touchscreen, there’s no need at all for a clickwheel.

  9. oh,that’s a good news for applers.i know this brand”x-doria”,
    last time he revealed iphone4’s information like this time,maybe it’s true,

  10. I would gladly welcome the new nano or shuffle or whatever it is. How about this: bring back the old shuffle, and call this new thingy the new nano. The latest shuffle is too minimalist,to the point of requiring proprietary headphones to make it function. The 3G shuffle was so awesome. If they could make one in at least 4GB, I’d do it. I’m interested as to how they could make a UI for a 1.7″ screen, but I totally back it. The new touch is where the money is. If it in fact does have dual cams, and a retina display, then I am all over it. Looks, like I have some slpaning to do with the misses.

  11. Apple reverted from then new design introduced for the third generation iPod Nano to its previous form factor – i.e. that of the first and second generations – in their fourth and fifth generations. Thus, it makes perfect sense if they revert to the second generation iPod Shuffle form factor for its next generation, given the continuous advances in electronics, battery sizes, that nightmare of a remote that housed controls for an iPod marketed as one for “active” people and sports training without being properly waterproofed and its massive recall, and finally the 1.7″ Apple branded touch screen.

    My only doubt would be: is a silicon case just enough to protect such an iPod should you want to take it to the gym or for a run? What if it’s raining, snowing, or humid? Apple designs are pretty but far from being built for the real world; they look nice on their website and in the ever manly, ever manicured hands shown in their demo videos. Out there in the real world, those ugly scratches show as soon as you take the iPods out of their boxes!

  12. The new nano will be a combination of two designs into one: the nano and the shuffle. Also wouldn’t it be cool if you can wear it as a watch. Imagine have a watch that tells time, has a calendar, a calculator, has games, apps, has a light, and plays music. It’s like a Tissot Touch except this has a screen, and works way better. The only downside is you have to charge it at the end of the day.

  13. Ipods are the premier way to play your entire music collection as you want to hear it, at your convenience. Create new playlists of your music using programs such as Itunes, and their Genius feature which as its namesake says will think about your music and compile a playlist based on your taste. Whether you listen to your music while working out or in your car, an Ipod is a must have.

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