iPod touch apps poll ends, Your iPod poll opens

With over 3,000 votes counted, our most recent poll—“Are iPod touch’s 5 new apps worth $20?”—is now closed. Though the results changed a little from day to day, the proportion of voters saying “yes” and “no” stayed close during the last two weeks, with 40% of responding readers voting yes, and 60% of readers saying no.

Interestingly, users who actually own iPod touches were somewhat more likely to say “no” to the question, while “yes” responses were even between owners and non-owners. Thanks for your vote!

Today, we’re opening a new iLounge poll: “Which current model iPod do you personally use the most?” We’re interested in seeing whether you bought something in Apple’s late-2007 iPod and iPhone lineup, or whether you’re primarily using an older iPod model.

Cast your vote now by looking for the orange-labelled iLounge Poll on the left hand side of the iLounge.com homepage!