iPod touch camera poll ends, Apple TV app poll begins

With over 3,000 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll—Would an integrated camera make you buy a new iPod touch?—has ended. Readers were given a variety of positive options, including options for front-facing, rear-facing, and both rear-facing and front-facing cameras, as well as negative options for owners and non-owners of the iPod touch.

Nearly half of readers—48%—said an integrated camera wouldn’t entice them to buy an iPod touch. 30% said they didn’t own an iPod touch and wouldn’t buy one for an integrated camera, while 18% said they were current iPod touch owners and wouldn’t upgrade their unit for a camera or cameras. Among the positive responses, 19% of readers said both front and rear cameras would make them buy a new iPod touch, followed by 17% who would by but only if the camera is rear-facing and capable of both still photography and video recording, and 15% who would purchase for a front-facing, FaceTime-capable camera. One percent—26 people—said they would be enticed to purchase but only by a rear-facing, still-only camera, while zero percent, or only 12 people, said they would buy but only for a rear-facing, video-only camera. Thanks for all your votes!

Our new poll focuses on Apple TV and the App Store. We’d like to know if you’d buy an Apple TV if it runs App Store apps? Would you buy, but only if it includes 32GB or more of built-in storage, or maybe if it has a lower price point? Or would you only buy if it has both 32GB or more of storage and a lower price point, or would you not be swayed, whether you have an existing Apple TV or not? Our new poll, “Will you buy an Apple TV if it runs App Store apps?” lets you answer that question. You can find the iLounge Poll in the left-hand column of the main iLounge.com home page. Cast your vote today!

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