iPod touch drives holiday app sales, traffic

Strong holiday sales of the iPod touch drove growth in App sales and web traffic on Christmas day, according to a new report. Mac Rumors, citing information from several developers, reports that sales of both Top 100 and other titles were boosted by 3x-4x on Christmas day, attributing the growth to the iPod touch based on Amazon.com’s sales reports and rankings, which show the iPod touch atop the MP3 Player category and the 8GB model among the site’s strongest-selling holiday electronics items. In addition, Net Applications’ browser marketshare graphs also show a strong spike around the holiday, with the iPod touch’s marketshare jumping from 0.07% on 12/23 to 0.10% on the 24th and 0.21% on the 25th, or roughly triple the share seen two days earlier.

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